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the appropriate high-level personnel

  • Interim Manager are selfemployed, 1st or 2nd level leadership experienced and recruited for the accomplishment of defined projects (e. g. M&A transactions, changemanagement-projects etc.) or to fill - at least temporarily - leadership positions as General Manager, CFO, in Controlling, Sales, Production, IT Management etc. The acceptance and utilization of Interim Managers has grown substantially throughout the past years.
  • Contracts with the Interim Managers, registered at
    AERO PLACEMENT, will be concluded between the customer and  AERO PLACEMENT for a project assignment as well as in turn between AERO PLACEMENT and the Interim Manager. As of submission of an individual full profile of an Interim  Manager neither the customer nor the Interim Manager shall circumvent AERO PLACEMENT anymore. (see: General Terms and Conditions).
  • Normal sequence of events for retaining an Interim Manager:Customer request, definition of project and potential Interim Manager profile (inter alia competences, term), submission short profiles of candidates, selection by customer, interview(s) with candidate(s), contract signature, project fulfilment acc. to milestones, project review.