An experienced and hard working team with decades of international experience in the air- and space industry.

Entrepreneurial and agile, with excellent industry connections, able to offer the first service of its kind in this sector.

Operating internationally: e.g. Czech Republik, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, Turkey, Morocco, Russia.

Incomparable access to the industry, associations and politics.

Confidential handling of any data or information received is standard. Any online data transfer will be encrypted.

Experts interested in new challenges register with us. We connect those experts with companies in need of qualified personnel on a short term or permanent basis. Contracting as interim manager or senior expert consultant is possible.

The expertise is a huge value to conduct projects like M&A, market access strategies, relocations etc.

Through AERO PLACE we work as a consulting firm to the industry. One focus are strategies for companies to gain access to foreign markets.

Michael v. Gizycki is the Managing Director of Aero Placement. He has worked in various leading positions for MTU as well as EADS. He served as CEO of ASD, the European Aerospace Association, is registered as attorney at law and advises in insolvency matters.

Michael von Gizycki
Managing Director